Psalm 23 Stack

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I’ve just finished reading a Book digging through Psalm 23, and my mind was refreshed and encouraged at the truth that was laid before me. 

In Psalm 23, we are told that God is our Shepherd- leading us, guiding us, protecting us, refreshing us with rest and water to benefit our souls. 

It also goes on to explain that God prepares a table for us in the presence of our enemies. Yes, you read that right- in the midst of our enemies, our hard circumstances, our struggles. And He invites us to sit with Him. He promises to walk through the valleys and storms with us. We will never be alone. He’s not only present when we feel like we are on mountaintops, but also, and even more intimately in the lowest and darkest valleys of life.

I hope this encourages you as much as it has me. 

I made this stack very intentionally. 2 of the Bracelets have exactly 23 beads: 22 in one color, and 1 in a different color. 23 beads to represent Psalm 23, but the Single bead of a different color to represent the lost sheep that we were. The one he left the others to come and find. The other 2 bracelets each have crosses on them- to represent the table that He bought and paid for, meant ONLY for Himself and His Daughter to sit at. Him and me. Him and you. 2 people. 

I pray that every time I wear this stack and every time you wear it, that we are reminded of Our Gentle and Powerful Shepherd - and of His GREAT LOVE for us.