A Note from the Designer


Hello Ladies!!

It is an overwhelming honor that you are here visiting my website!  Covered. by Colby started as a small dream of mine a few years ago, and  let me say that it has been the greatest blessing and most humbling experience to watch what the Lord has done since then.  A few years back I was attending a Women's Conference, lead by Priscilla Shirer (I could literally talk for hours of how great of a Spiritual Champion she is..maybe later :) and she spoke on using our gifts and being bold for Jesus.  I remember sitting in a crowded audience thinking that the only thing I felt I could half-way do was make jewelry.. but surely God couldn't use that!! Right?? I also remember the Lord speaking very clearly to me that His gifts (big or small) will ALWAYS be used for His glory when we commit them to Him.  I did just that. Wanting to grow deeper in my prayer life, I felt a strong sense that I should call my business (a mere dream at the time) "Covered." because I wanted to cover my designs, but most importantly my dear customers, in prayer. What started out as a hobby was planted and has grown into something beautiful.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 - "He has made everything beautiful in it's time."

He has blown my mind at His goodness and His faithfulness.

Each day we, as women, all walk "covered" in something.  A lot of time it can be shame due to comparison, or guilt because of our shortcomings, or unease because we have forgotten what the Creator of the Universe says about us.  My prayer is that you are first and foremost "covered" in Jesus' blood, but also that you are "covered" in love and peace, walking bolding in the confidence that comes from knowing whose you are.

When we know Jesus, we are FREE; We are forgiven; Never Forsaken; We are more than good enough because of Jesus, and we are SO INCREDIBLY LOVED.

I pray that you enjoy shopping my designs, but that you never find your worth in them.  I am thankful for you, and I am praying for you.

Colby Garrison

Founder & Designer of Covered. by Colby